What should be the tile for the pool


Before proceeding with the selection of tiles that are suitable in design and color, you should know that ordinary tiles, which are widely used for decorating bathrooms and other premises, are absolutely not suitable for decorating swimming pools. This is due not only to the fact that it does not have a very suitable composition, but also to its size and other characteristics.

During operation, the tile with which the bowl is faced will experience constant stress. It will be subject to tremendous pressure from the water in the tank and other external factors. Plus, an important factor is the location of the pool — whether it is equipped in the open air, or indoors.

It is also worth considering the fact that it is the tile that will play the role of waterproofing, because concrete bowls are not able to maintain integrity and tightness with constant contact with water. Concrete is a porous material that is capable of absorbing moisture, weakening in connection with this and forming cracks. It is equally important to choose reliable specialists who will install the tiles correctly. So the best pavers for pool deck are the masters of the «Perfect Pavers» company.

Considering all of the above, very clear and stringent requirements are put forward for the tiles for finishing the pool, which must be adhered to:

  • One of the main criteria is a low water absorption coefficient. This is an indicator that characterizes the ability of a material to absorb moisture. In our case, it should not exceed 6%. Why is it important? With prolonged contact with water, a material with a high absorption coefficient will fill its structure with an excessive amount of moisture in a very short period of time. This will lead to its internal destruction, possible deformation under water pressure and premature cracking;

  • Resistant to aggressive chemicals. During the cleaning of the pool and its disinfection, mainly detergents are used, which contain chlorine. The surface of the tile should not react with such substances and withstand their regular exposure without losing its original appearance;

  • Also, the material must have increased impact resistance;

  • The tile for finishing the pool, which is located on the street, must be frost-resistant and impervious to sudden changes in temperature;

  • Anti-slip effect. This is a mandatory item on which the safety of using the swimming tank directly depends. Particular attention is paid to hazardous areas such as steps, descents into the water and the area around the pool, where water constantly gets into. The facing material can have a raised or rough surface;

  • Non-porous surface. A material with a porous surface structure is absolutely unsuitable for the decoration of swimming pools.

If you are in doubt and are not sure that you can choose a tile for the pool yourself, then you should entrust this matter to professionals. By clicking on the perfectpavers.com link on the official website of «Perfect Pavers», you can familiarize yourself with all the benefits of cooperation, as well as a portfolio of works that will not leave you indifferent!


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